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Should You Wear Baseball Sunglasses During the Game? Here’s all You Need to Know

Should I wear baseball sunglasses

Baseball sunglasses may seem ridiculous to many individuals. Glasses specifically made for baseball? The idea sounds like nonsense, right? Well some of the pros believe that a decent pair of glasses can help a ton in winning a game. If you can find the right fit, baseball sunglasses become a helping hand, not a losing factor, when out in the field.

For many, they reduce UV penetration, allowing the players to see without the sun getting in their eyes. Others just use it so that the first thing that the ball hits isn’t their face. But the argument still stands. Do you really need baseball sunglasses? We’re here to answer that with a simple “yes”.

While many of these work just like regular sunglasses, the best baseball sunglasses can provide a whole lot more, reviewed by Here are 4 reasons to wear them, and 2 reasons not to.

Should you wear baseball sunglasses

Why Should You Wear Baseball Sunglasses?

#1. They Protect Against UV Rays:

We’ve all heard the old saying from our parents. “Don’t sit too close to the TV or your eyes will go bad.” While it might seem that TV screens do not emit UV rays, the scorching sun still does. These rays can alter the shape of the lens and even cause cataracts or skin cancer. The UV rays emitted by the sun have a lesser profound effect. But on sunny days, the radiations can cause rashes and eye irritation, and can easily block your vision.

Ever found it hard to look at the sun? Ever wondered why sunglasses make it so much easier? That’s because regular sunglasses block out all UV rays, making it easier to enjoy a sunny afternoon. Baseball sunglasses provide the same comfort, with many blocking out numerous other types of radiations. Newer models block out UVA, UVB, and UVC light, along with blue light. This not only means better eye health, but also clearer vision. Baseball sunglasses help to keep your head in the game, and your eyes!

#2. Vision Is Clearer:

Have you ever worn sunglasses all throughout the day? If so, you would know the extremely annoying vision blockage that these pesky glasses cause. There’s always that one smudge at the corner of your eye, the uncanny scratches, even the dull dark hue can block out your view. If you really want to watch the game (or play it), baseball sunglasses are the best choice. They have extra reflective surfaces that block out all other light, while allowing you to have a clear view of the field.

Most baseball sunglasses nowadays are resistant to scratches and smudges, and many can even enhance your vision. The tinted ones are especially unique, but we’ll get to that later. Most sunglasses have been treated to be water, fire, heat, pressure, and even time damage proof. This makes them ten times more convenient and usable than regular glasses.

#3. A Hundred Tints To Choose From:

Now you might be wondering: what’s so special about a tint? After all, natural vision has none. How can adding color to your vision make any difference? And why does that color have to be crazy funky and not just simple black? The answer to all of your questions is: contrast.

The reason why sports glasses come in such a variety of colors is that the right color may just win you the game. Regular black glasses can remove a lot of contrast and brightness from your vision. Uncanny colors like orange and yellow can actually add a lot more contrast, giving you a clearer view. You’ll be able to see all the obstacles and especially the bowler from afar. An increased brightness also removes any foggy appearances, making your vision as clear as day.

#4. It’s All About The Looks:

What exactly can some fancy looking glasses do? A lot, actually. In this day and age when it’s all about looking trendy, a one-up in your fashion sense wouldn’t hurt. Sports sunglasses actually have a pretty unique look to them. The lenses are exceptionally reflective, almost as if you can see your face in them. And the tint makes the look all the more hypnotizing. Most models are made of durable plastic polymers, which makes them easier to wear and easier to remove. Trust us, you’ll definitely be all the crowd can talk about.

Should I wear baseball sunglasses

Why Shouldn’t You Wear Baseball Sunglasses?

#1. If They Break, It’s A Lost Cause:

Due to the intricate look and design, baseball sunglasses can be harder to repair. And come to think of it, when have we ever heard someone repairing glasses? If the lens breaks, you’re done for. We recommend buying glasses which are flexible, which means lesser breakage. Plastic ones are the best as they can flex and withstand pressure. But out on the field, who knows what you might run into? The glasses may be durable but they aren’t indestructible. And when they break, you might lose a lot of money that you spent on it. Which is why buying expensive sports glasses can be a big risk.

#2. The Hue Can Be Distracting For Many:

If you don’t grow accustomed to the hue, it can be quite distracting. When all you see is orange or amber, you start to forget that color even exists. In fact, even with regular black sunglasses, many users find the unnatural tint to be disturbing. And if the tint gets in the way of the game, the results can be devastating, sometimes even dangerous.

Mostly, a few hours spent with the glasses on should be enough to get you used to them. But many people have to get prepared before they have the time to get adjusted. And that itself can lead to consequences. Still, we recommend buying the glasses. A lot of people have been satisfied. The clarity and visibility are all the more useful, and you might as well give it a try.


Baseball sunglasses have really proven themselves in the past. While we have pointed out a few drawbacks, we highly recommend getting your own pair. Who knows? Maybe the next home run will be in your favor.

In the end, all we have to say is that the best baseball sunglasses can make really good friends when you have nothing by your side. How much can a few dollars spent on decent glasses really hurt? When you’ve got your head in the game and eyes on the trophy, sunglasses are the last thing you’ll expect to help you. But in the world of sports, we take all the help we can get!